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What you Should Know about Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness impacts many men over the age of fifty. The majority of those affected don’t want to try any treatment. But, there are treatments available that can prevent more hair loss and help the growth of new hair.

The condition is a common kind of hair loss which develops in most men at some stage in their lives. It is medically called androgenetic alopecia. While it often takes 15 to 25 years to go bald, it can be quicker. A rim of hair is usually left around the scalp’s sides and back. In some men, such rim of hair can thin and disappear, resulting in totally baldness.

Who Can Suffer from Male Pattern Baldness?

Almost all men can experience some hair loss once they reach the age of 60. But, hair loss can begin at any age. This condition can also impact women, although in a different pattern. It especially affects the top of their head.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

The human hair is composed of hair follicles that are comparable to small pouches under the surface of the skin. Normally, the hair grows from every follicle for around 3 years. It will shed and the follicle will grow new hair. This hair growth cycle continues throughout life. As men become bald, the following is believed to take place:

  • Smaller affected hair follicles.
  • Thinner new hair.
  • Lesser time for new hair growth.
  • Smaller hair follicle and a thin thump of hair.

These changes are associated with male hormones. The level of testosterone, for instance, is normal for those who have baldness. Skin cells convert this male hormone into dihydrotestosterone. It is believed that affected hair follicles will have an increased sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone that causes the shrinking of the follicles.

Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness

 For a lot of men, it not easy to come to terms with hair loss. Fortunately, there are treatment options for those who are experiencing this condition. These treatments include oral and topical medicines, natural remedies, wigs, and hair transplant options. Hair transplant surgery is carried out to transfer healthy hair follicles from a certain part of the head to the balding part. This option is often considered by those with male pattern baldness. However, the transplant can also be used for speeding up hair growth on lashes and chins. The surgery is carried out with local anesthesia which lasts for around 6 hours.