The Benefits of Working with Your Neighbourhood Physiotherapist: The Stats and Specifics You Need to Know

Believe it or not, physicians have been studying and practicing physical therapy for more than 2,000 years.

According to official texts and historical interpretations, scholars believe that physiotherapy began to permeate the cultural zeitgeist some time between 400 BCE and 200 CE, when the famed Greek clinicians Galen and Hippocrates began advocating the utilisation of sophisticated stretches, reflexologies, massages, and even hydrotherapy as a way to rectify agonising musculoskeletal disorders.

However, there have also been several archaeological discoveries in Persia, China, and northern Africa that suggest the use of physical therapy even earlier than the Greeks. These stone tablets and etchings described very rudimentary concepts regarding human anatomy as opposed to the enlightened manuscripts of the aforementioned Greeks.

In any case, physical therapy has finally become a mainstream, world-renowned form of medicine, which is why we’re going to itemise the documented advantages of scheduling a session with a mobile physiotherapist in Perth.

Instantaneous Pain Relief

Every year, somewhere in the range of 38% to 45% of Australians will sustain significant musculoskeletal injuries or develop debilitating conditions that cause them to rely heavily upon medications and pain pills.

In this regard, it’s worth noting that only 11% of the people who use prescription medications are satisfied with the resultant effects while 68% of physical therapy patients attest to “immediate improvements” in terms of chronic aches and painful discomfort after just a single appointment.

The secret is in the individualised combination of muscular manoeuvres, remedial massages, and trigger point manipulations to activate your body’s self-healing capabilities.

Circumvent Surgeries and Intrusive Operations

During a transnational healthcare study that spanned across multiple decades, analysts concluded that those who participate in weekly physiotherapy sessions can decrease their odds of having to undergo future back and knee surgeries by roughly 42%.

The primary reason for this encouraging statistic is the fact that physiotherapy techniques are able to vastly heighten the human body’s ability to mend damaged tendons and repair muscular tissues without the use of any supplements, capsules, or harmful prescriptions.

Your physical therapist will also employ modified isometrics to heighten your range of motion and mitigate the probability of falling victim to a mechanical injury or traumatic tear, which is why medical experts commonly state that the effects of physiotherapy can be felt for weeks, if not months, after just a few successive sessions.

A Budget-Friendly Alternative to the Doctor’s Office

Perhaps the most advantageous, propitious aspect of this mode of treatment is that you can reduce your annual medical outlays by well over 30%, especially if you find yourself visiting your local medical facility for pain relief several times per year.

The medical landscape is inundated with fruitless quick fixes and purported miracle cures but physical therapy is a proven concept that can truly change your life. Take some time to visit the website of an esteemed mobile physio in your proximity.