How to know if you have depression by Depression Quiz

One out of twenty individuals in America suffer from depression; therefore, it is imperative to know the causes, treatment, and prevention of this problem. Most people often don’t realize why they are depressed. Thanks to that has come up with a depression quiz which can efficiently offer a solution to this issue. Here are some of these questions:

  • How frequent do you have a pleasure or an interest in doing things in your daily life?
  • How frequent do you feel hopeless or down?
  • How frequent do you think about harming yourself?
  • How often do you experience the problem of concentrating on your duties?
  • How often do you feel like a loser to yourself or family, or even a sense of uselessness?
  • How often do you experience fluctuation in your eating habit or lack of appetite?
  • How often do you experience tiredness or lack of energy?
  • How frequent do you lack a good night sleep, sleeping a lot or staying awake?
  • How frequent do you notice changes in your day-to-day communication skills, for instance?Do you find yourself talking slowly or incessantly, continuously fidgeting, or feeling agitated?

Final results of the response

The results will depend on your response, such as mild depression or severe depression. However, the results from your response are not a diagnosis, but to help in an available assistance and recommendation.

How to prevent depression

Most people struggling with depression often sleep in the middle of the day. However, it is advisable for anyone who suffers from depression to limit the time he or she spends in bed during the day since it affects the nighttime sleeping pattern. Perhaps, you can set the alarm at least not exceeding more than an hour.

Instead, you can rest listening to music or reading a book, and gradually cut down daytime naps. Often, sleeping can act as a painkiller to a pain depression brings.

The causes of depression

Looking backward or flashbacks can also result in depression. You might be regretting about something you did not do in the past. However, the question is whether you can change at that moment. Try not to rely on such situations. If you cannot change the past, then you should go beyond the regret into a positive future. Also, you should try practicing gratitude and learn how to forgive yourself and others.


Individuals who suffer from depression and have been diagnosed should take the prescribed anti-depressant therapy, but others should avoid it. It is a personal situation and essential to consultation from a personal therapist. Other people actually may not be depressed clinically that they may be overwhelmed with life circumstances. Thus, taking the psychotherapist to help them through their choices and steps to make self-changes is all that is required for them.