Laser Teeth Whitening Cost And Other Things You Need To Know

Laser teeth whitening is the quickest way to get clean, white chompers. A typical session can be as short as 15 minutes while others can last for up to 2 hours. However, compared to traditional whitening methods such as whitening trays, laser whitening offers the best results in the shortest amount of time, which could also be why it tends to be the costliest among the teeth whitening options your neighborhood dentist may be offering.

How is laser teeth whitening done?

Laser teeth whitening is done by applying a peroxide paste on the teeth. This is the same compound used in most professional whitening trays. The dentist then heats it up using an argon or CO2 laser to   cause oxidation which starts the whitening process. The laser heats up the process quicker than conventional whitening trays that only rely on peroxide to break down the stains.

Laser treatments are not single-session miracles, however. You still need up to 4 treatments to see the desired effect. However, each session, at 15 minutes, is considerably shorter and more convenient than the hour-long, often overnight application requirements of most whitening trays.

How much does laser teeth whitening cost

Laser teeth whitening is the most expensive out of all whitening procedures, with a base cost of around $1,000. Some clinics charge by visit at around $200 per session. However, this may vary according to the system and the quality of peroxide and other equipment that the dentist use. It is important to note that dental insurance does not cover laser teeth whitening. This means you may have to foot the bill if you opt for this procedure.

Some dentists will recommend additional custom fitted night trays to shorten the whitening process even more but this could set you back  another $500. These trays are basically maintenance treatments to maintain the results weeks and months after the initial session. Actual maintenance sessions which require regular visits to the dentist also mean additional costs. All these mean that if you want to resort to laser teeth whitening, it is best to set aside a couple of thousands of dollars to ensure that you can complete the required sessions and have enough for the regular maintenance visits. Teeth whitening, no matter how expensive it is, is never permanent so always think about the cost of maintenance on top of the initial procedure.

Laser teeth whitening sessions have their advantages over other whitening procedures. Short whitening sessions and visible results after a couple of sessions make this procedure a good option if you are pressed for time and you have enough funds to go through all the required sessions.