What to Expect at The Dental Clinic During Implant Process?

Dental implants help to correct your dental and oral health issues like bad teeth, missing tooth, decay, cavities, gum diseases, bad breath. It does not matter, if you want to replace a single tooth, several or all teeth. With dental implants, you get an opportunity to live denture-free!

Dental implant process overview

Normally, several stages are involved in dental implant plan across a duration of 3 to 9 months. Typical process will include –

Assess, review, and determine treatment plan

During consultation at Quebec Implantologie [Quebec Implantology], the dentist will evaluate your oral health, discuss medical history, appraise personal situation, and offer treatment options.

Using the latest technology, digital imaging or different examination forms will be suggested to gain a comprehensive synopsis of the case. Step by step treatment plan will be written in detail along with the associated cost.

Dental examination

After scheduling the procedure, dentist will assess the missing tooth/teeth area to determine if the bone structure is strong enough to support dental implants. Jaw bones quality and density will be evaluated by a 3-D CT scan and teeth models or impressions. In case all teeth are missing then there will be a doctor’s team, who will review together to offer an appropriate treatment plan.

The dentist will even determine, if extra procedures are needed for getting the needed function and cosmetic results. In case, there is less bone then bone grafting process will be grafted before placing dental implant. Bone will be added, so as to add support to the jaw line and dental implant.

Dental implant placement process

  • This surgical procedure needs local anesthesia and sterile environment.
  • If necessary any teeth that needs to be removed will be done before implant placement.
  • Using general surgical technique dental implants are place in the jawbone
  • Replacement teeth is then placed on those implants.
  • In a single appointment, you will leave with teeth.

Sometimes, dentist may opt for a traditional implant placement approach. The newly positioned implants are left undisturbed for several weeks allowing the surrounding soft tissue and bone to heal. In this bone restructuring phase, bone develops and tissue shapes around it to form strong natural bonding. However, you will not leave the dental clinic toothless but temporary teeth will be placed on the implants.

Provisional Dental Implant Bridge is meant to hold for 6 months. Your jaw gets good time to heal and dentist can create long-lasting implant-supported bridge. Until then the temporary teeth will feel and look like natural teeth.