What is a Heel Spur and What Are the Treatments?

Many children and adults suffer from a heel spur, which can be the result of extra activity, and the condition is caused by a piece of bone growth under the heel, which is often referred to as Plantar Fasciitis, and this condition can be very painful, especially first thing in the morning, when you begin to put weight onto your feet.

Common Condition

Many Australian people suffer with heel spurs, and rather than putting up with the pain, you should consult an orthotic practitioner, who will recommend treatment that would likely come on the form of a specially formulated orthotic insert to be fitted in your shoes. The major cause of heel spurs is exposing the heels to excessive activity, which can cause inflammation of the tendon, and with online suppliers of special orthotic shoe inserts, the problem can usually be resolved in a short period of time.

Orthotic Shoe Inserts

If your feet are not receiving the right support, there will invariably be problems, and heel spurs can be very painful, which means you need the right treatment. Many people have reported that by purchasing orthotic insoles from an online supplier, the condition vastly improves, and they have many different types, that are suitable for a number of foot conditions.

Essential Arch Support

Heel spurs do require some additional support, and with online suppliers of the best quality orthotic inserts, you easily acquire the extra support that your feet require. A person can be affected by a heel spur without pain, and then, for some unknown reasons, pain can suddenly arrive, and this is when you need to have your feet examined by an orthotic practitioner.

Who is Likely to Suffer from Heel Spurs?

Runners often fall victim to this condition, due to the constant pressure they are putting on their feet, in fact, a person who rigorously plays any sport has an increased chance of having heel spurs. People who spend a great deal of time on their feet are also prone to heel spurs, and an overweight person might also suffer from heel spurs.

Suggested Treatments

As far as treatment is concerned, you should cease the excessive use and give your feet a much-needed rest. In the event the condition is very painful, you should take a few days off work, which will keep your feet up, and that extra time can really help reduce the inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

A course of anti-inflammatory medication can also help, which the Podiatrist might recommend, along with regular ice packs to bring down any swelling. The main thing is to reduce the pressure on the feet, and by wearing the right type of orthotic inserts in your shoes, this should do the trick. If, for example, you purchased some orthotic sole inserts and they did not help, you are advised to see your local podiatrist, who can give you a professional opinion.

If you do not have a local podiatrist, an online search will help you to locate a nearby clinic, and the specialist can examine your feet to diagnose the issue.