What Are the Best Treatments for Heel Spurs?

If you have heel spurs, then you know just how painful they can be. This is a condition that can feel rather debilitating and you might be wondering what can be done to alleviate the pain. Thankfully, this is something that is treatable. Take a look at some of the best treatments for heel spurs below to get a better idea of what you can do to help.


Simply resting a bit is important when you’re having a tough time dealing with your spurs. If you’re in a lot of pain, then you should try to get off of your feet. Try to avoid standing for long periods of time and definitely don’t go out running. Avoid intense physical activity and put your feet up when you can to limit your pain symptoms.

Use Ice Packs

Ice packs are great for helping to soothe the pain in your heels. Icing your heel for five or 10 minutes should help you to feel some relief. It cools down the inflamed area of your heels. This is usually only going to provide temporary relief, but it can be important for getting through your day when your heel spurs are really giving you problems.

Weight Loss

Losing weight can actually help you to experience fewer problems with heel spurs. If you’re overweight, then this is almost certainly contributing to your problems with the spurs. Talk with your physician to come up with a diet plan that works for you. It should be one of the steps that you take to solve your problems with spurs.

Once you have lost weight, you should notice that you feel better overall. It might not completely take away your problems with heel bone spurs, but it will make a difference. Consider weight loss if you’re struggling with the pain that is caused by these heel spurs.

Special Orthotics Treatments

There are certain special orthotics treatments that can work wonders when it comes to helping your heel spurs. One of the biggest causes of heel spurs is having an incorrect gait. To correct these problems, you can make use of special orthotics treatments. This involves wearing things such as insoles inside of your shoes.

Simply wearing orthotic insoles will help to correct your gait. This can lead to you experiencing less pain and is certainly one of the best heel spurs treatment options to consider. If you’re having trouble with heel spurs due to an incorrect gait, then you need special orthotics as soon as possible.

Talk with Your Doctor About Your Problems

Be sure to talk with your doctor about the problems that you’re experiencing. Treatments for heel spurs are available, but you want to make sure that you’re doing things right. You need to consult with a professional to take the right steps to reduce the impact of heel spurs. Over time, you’re going to find that you feel much better so long as you’re following the doctor’s advice and using the best orthotics around.