Male Breast Reduction Surgery: Eliminating Discomforts and Restoring your Confidence

Some men can have excess breast tissue which can develop because of hormonal balance or genetics. This condition, called gynecomastia, can diminish a man’s confidence in his look. Fortunately, Dr. Matthew Galumbeck can do male breast reduction surgery to eliminate excess tissue and help in achieving a more masculine look. Your doctor will listen to your concern and use his years of training and experience to help you benefit from male breast reduction.

Having excessive breast tissue doesn’t mean necessarily mean having more fat from being overweight. Gynecomastia is caused by extra breast tissue which cannot be reduced even if a man tries to lose weight or exercise. The condition can come with some physical symptoms if sufferers some rubbery mass underneath their nipple area.

How your Doctor Performs the Procedure

A male breast reduction procedure is customized based on your preferences and goals. Your doctor will make a cut along the areola’s edge or within your armpit. He will carry out a liposuction to break up and eliminate excess fat in the breast region. This procedure can be done using ultrasonic assisted liposuction which can help in reducing recovery times. Your doctor may perform glandular excisions to reshape the contour of your chest. Once the procedure is done, you will have a firmer look.

Benefits of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia doesn’t pose significant health issues but those who experience can consider male breast reduction surgery to enjoy the following benefits. During the initial consultation, these benefits will be reviewed by the doctor.

  • Restore and boost confidence. An enlarged breast tissue may make a man feel self-conscious. But, he can overcome this through the procedure and enjoy an experience the confidence in himself being restored.

Men who have excessive breast tissue may choose to wear oversized clothing to conceal their condition. But, once they have a male breast reduction surgery to correct their problem, they can confidently go shirtless at the beach or choose tighter clothing without worrying about their look.

  • Improve one’s ability to do their daily activities. The removal of the excess breast tissue can make it easier and more comfortable to perform physical activities every day. This is especially a great benefit for me whose gynecomastia has reached an advanced stage.
  • Enjoy lasting results. A male breast reduction surgery can last for a long time when carried out by an experienced doctor like one from Galumbeck Plastic Surgery who will determine the address the conditions’ root cause.
  • Experience short recovery times. The majority of men who have excessive breast tissue and consider a surgery can return to work within one week of surgery. In fact, they can start engaging in gentle activity within just a few weeks.

Although the surgery can provide lasting results, it is important to stick to a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the new shape. Using steroids, gaining to much weight, or taking certain medicines which impact the testosterone levels can cause the condition to come back.

By undergoing a male breast reduction surgery, you can have your figure tightened, eliminate uncomfortable physical symptoms, and improve your self-confidence. If you want to experience the benefits of the surgery, contact a reputable plastic surgeon today.