How Long Does A Laser Hair Removal Last?

Using laser hair removal as a way of getting rid of hair is an effective way not to deal with hair on your body for a long time. However, before undergoing the surgery, you must be aware of how long the hair removal treatment would last and the duration or which it would be effective.

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Time duration

Hair would not grow back on your skin if the hair follicle is damaged during the laser process. The re-growth rate of the hair varies from person to person and depends on their unique hair growth cycle.

There is no as such a fixed time within which the hair would grow back. Hair which is in a resting phase grows at a much faster rate than the hair which is in any other phase.

Risks associated with it

Laser hair removal process might come with certain side-effects and risks which might be associated with it. These are:

  • Discomfort
  • Stinging
  • Scarring
  • Burning
  • Skin irritation
  • Redness
  • Skin infection
  • Flaking and crusting of skin
  • Change in the color of the skin temporarily

Although all these side effects are minor and do not pose a major threat to the health of an individual. However, if you see anything major, you must contact the specialist.

Be ready for the treatment

There are certain factors which one must keep in mind before undergoing the laser hair removal process. Some of these are:

  • Get a complete medical check-up of the body and get your skin treated. Look for any condition which your skin may have and the surgery might increase the side effects on the skin. Hence, make sure that you get your medical check-up done.
  • Do not consider removing hair from root of the skin.
  • Bleaching the skin before undergoing the surgery is a must so that the skin can be cleared of all the dirt and impurities.
  • Keep your skin away from the rays of the sun before undergoing surgery. The rays of the sun might make your skin ineffective from the laser which is to be used in the hair removal process.


Hence, you must be aware of the effects and the reaction of your skin to the surgery. If you are suffering from any skin condition, make sure you get it treated or it may lead to side effects.