Looking For an Implantologist? Consider Dr St-Onge Implantologue

There is a need for an implantoglogist if you require dental implant. Now, there are many dentists, but they are not implantologist. At the same time, there are many referring themselves as implantologist, but not everyone can be considered as an implantologist.

An implantologist should definitely be a dentist, but there is nothing that can proclaim a dentist must be an implantologist so that he works on dental implants.  Thus, implantologist refers to some specialty skills and status in the dental implants.

An implantologist is the one who has acquired enough training in the discipline of restoring or placing dental implants. Dentists in this career doing an implantology as a course alone are not considered enough to qualify. There is more to call as dentistry practice. So when you look for an implantolgist, you may consider Dr St-Onge implantologue, who does a beautiful job with implant placement.

Before deciding an implantologist:

There is no harm in taking more time before deciding an implantologist. You can look for dentist’s organizations who like doing implants. If required you can ask for the evidence of mastery of implant systems.

Check the approximate number of implants done and how successful they are. The numbers of implants done matters, but more than that is the success rate. At the same time, there is no alternative for experience. So remember that implantologist having done a few implants cannot be regarded as experienced.

Ask for the implant types they have expertise or handled. As a patient you have all the right to know before allowing them to handle your tooth implant. The implantologist may know about the implant types, but should be a master or an expert in an implant system.

An implantologist does not guarantee and so if one does, beware if they claim to do everything and also guarantee the implants will work for your lifetime. Though it is agreeable, assurance from the dentist or an implantologist is not considered right.

Doing your homework and getting a list of questions ready prior to taking an appointment is the best. In case you find the answers unconvincing, you may consider another opinion. Get the facts before deciding, so that you are safe.

If you wish, you can find the competency of a dentist in the dentistry area by considering these points:

  • Does the dentist specify the procedure and holds good reputation?
  • Do other dentists recommend him/her?
  • Are you comfortable with him/her?
  • Have you spoken to other patients to know about this dentist and their procedure?