Considering IVF? Here’s what You Must Know!

Getting pregnant with assisted reproduction doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. There are a bunch of choices, IVF or In vitro fertilization bring one of them. For the uninitiated, In vitro fertilization involves fertilizing the egg with the sperm in a lab, and as the embryos are created, the same are then transferred into the uterus of the woman. IVF works wonders for regular and lesbian couples and is often the only choice for those who cannot opt for artificial insemination.

The options

It is possible to opt for IVF with the eggs of the woman concerned. The sperm used for the fertilization can belong to the partner or spouse of the woman, and this is considered as a great choice for couples who haven’t been to get pregnant naturally. IVF is also possible with donor semen, and in this case, the semen is collected from an anonymous donor. This is the choice for single women, lesbian couples and couples who haven’t been able to use regular IVF. In case the woman is not capable of donating eggs, IVF with donor eggs is considered, which is usually the only choice for women who have reduced chances of getting pregnant or are older than 38. The IVF treatment is also possible with anonymous donor eggs fertilized with anonymous donor sperm.

Factors to consider

IVF might seem like an easy theory on paper, but there are many factors that affect the success rate, including the age of the woman, the semen of the man and the quality of reserve in the ovary. The quality of the embryos formed and passed for pregnancy are also considered. Keep in mind that IVF only works selectively and must be considered after adequate evaluation of other options. A number of tests are done to find if the man and woman are capable of donating semen and eggs respectively. It may take even more treatments and medications before the actual process of IVF begins.

There are many clinics that offer assistance for international couples and single women. You can get a video conference done, and based on what is initially required, you can even travel to another country to get the treatment done. Spain is one of the best countries to get IVF treatment, and the clinics here are pretty famed for the services they provide. Check online now to find more details on IVF and related aspects.