Basics of Eyeglasses That You Need to Know

A few years ago, wearing glasses were considered “nerdish”, “bookish” or worse a “slob”. Then, it was the fashion to go with laser corrective surgery or the more popular option – contact lenses. However, the fashion and movie industry has changed the trend drastically, over the past couple of years. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Kit Harington, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and many, have integrated eyeglasses as part of their fashion statement.

There are optical frames and accessories outlet, which will give you an accurate opinion about the style of frames and lenses that will suit your personality. Taking into account, Houston eye glasses fashion rejuvenation, Memorial Eye Centre provides you with such a personalised makeover. Also, the primary responsibility of taking care of your eyes and well-being is always guaranteed here. You need to know a few basics about the frames, lenses and their effectiveness, before you go for a purchase.

Eyeglasses frame material

Materials range from plastic, metals and alloys. For light-weight frame, polycarbonate frames are used. Hypoallergenic frames made out of titanium and stainless steel prevents skin allergies. The flexibility and durability of spring hinges are preferred for kids’ eyeglasses. Silicone nose pads are lightweight and soft. This prevents slippage.

Eyeglasses frame styles

Eyeglasses have a fashion niche of their own. Just like shoes, handbags and belts, eyeglasses are chosen to suit the outfit. Rimless eyeglasses are the latest trend. It exudes understated elegance. For women, there are plenty to choose from – cat eyed frames, geometric and curvy designed frames, and stone-embedded glasses. Men’s glasses have designer emblems and logos in it. They have the classy, translucent style with embellishments too.

Eyeglass lenses

You have a wide variety of lenses to choose from. Also, the choice of lens depends upon, what is required for correcting your vision.

  • Aspheric lenses
  • High-index plastic lenses
  • Wavefront technology lenses
  • Polycarbonate and Trivex
  • Photochromatic lenses
  • Polarised lenses
  • Coatings like anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-fog, UV-block

Lenses for presbyopia

Presbyopia is a common occurrence for people above 40, who require multi-focal lenses. There are various lenses available.

  • Bifocals
  • Trifocals
  • Progressive lenses
  • Variable focus lenses
  • Reading glasses

Sports eyeglasses

During sports extra care and protection is required. You can choose according to your sport.

  • Diving masks
  • Swimming goggles
  • Shooting glasses
  • Protective eyewear


Choose a frame that suits your face shape, irrespective of what your favourite celebrity wears. Also, for certain lenses, only certain frames can carry them. So, make a well-informed choice balancing both your well-being and style-statement.