A-Z of invisible braces and its benefits!

We all want to flaunt a nice and flawless smile. Often a smile is enough to make an impact on someone. But not all of us are gifted with sparkling white, straight teeth that are arranged properly. Hence in order to straighten one’s teeth, they used braces. So for all those who wore braces, smiling a lovely smile became a farfetched dream. Braces even till a few decades back used to be those horrendous looking bracket braces that did everything to ruin your smile. Hence Dr. Craven Kurz an orthodontist from Canada invented this ingenious object called invisible braces.

Types of invisible braces:

  • It is true that the idea of wearing braces is not a pleasant one, especially when they are worn in front of the teeth. Invisible braces, much to your advantage, are worn at the back of, your teeth so that they are not visible. Here are the types of invisible braces:

  • Inside braces: These invisible braces are put on the back of the teeth and hence not visible unless one peeps really deep into your mouth. Another name for these kinds of braces is incognito braces, lingual braces or harmony braces.
  • Clear aligners: these braces can be removed easily and are custom made so that they align with the formation of your teeth. They are non-invasive and very difficult to spot even from a close distance. Unlike other braces, they are not held with any brackets or wires and hence are of extreme comfort.

  • Ceramic braces: as the name suggests, these braces are made of a porcelain type of material. They are more brittle than metal braces, but due to their white color, they cannot be easily viewed from a distance.

Benefits of invisible braces:

It goes without saying that invisible braces are of great comfort definitely contributes to a beautiful smile. But apart from this basic advantage, invisible braces have many more advantages:

Maintaining dental hygiene: unlike traditional braces, invisible braces can be removed. This means that you can maintain better dental hygiene. You can remove these braces and wash and rinse your mouth properly.

A comfortable eating experience: it is true that we all want to eat in peace. It is not possible to eat properly with metal brackets and wires sticking to your mouth. Hence it is definitely a better eating experience with invisible braces as they can be removed easily.

You get your natural look back: traditional braces ruin your smile and natural loo, but with invisible braces, your natural look is not hampered at all.