6 great reasons to have a mobility stairlift installed

Decreasing mobility can be a real issue facing many people, especially with age or suffering from illness. It can have a devastating effect on the ageing process as being able to get around the house can be painful, leading to a reluctance to go upstairs.

This can also be bad for mental health. A great way to solve such issues is by looking to purchase one of the mobility stairlifts Rugby has to offer from a family company. It is a beneficial decision for the following 6 reasons.

  1. The installation returns a sense of independence to the user as there is no need to ask for assistance. The whole house becomes accessible again.
  2. Any shape staircase or limited spaces are not a problem when dealing with the number one outfit in town, with slimline installations and heavy duty stairlifts which can carry up to 25 stone an option.
  3. Stairlift rentals are available, or select from new or used models, which suits all budgets.
  4. Straight stairlifts come with easy-to-use wireless remote controls while any cabling is kept as discreet as possible.
  5. Warranties of up to five years are available on certain models, and with first class after-sales service offering an assurance that any rare issues will be quickly and properly dealt with.
  6. The customer will be given a free quotation, survey, and independent advice. Installations are carried out by expert professionals.

The installation of a mobility stairlift offers independence and pain free trips upstairs.