The Physical Effects of Depression on Body

Depression is among the leading mental health conditions. Fighting depression is like a battle. You either win or lose trying. Each one of us must have felt low or depressed in some unfortunate events.

The causes of depression are diverse. Some are due to daily struggles or when we lose someone we love.

Depression affects our mind and bodies and can have a devastating impact on both. So, it’s wise to identify its effects and employ measures to get the right treatment.

The following are some effects of depression on the body. Learning about them is essential for you to seek the right treatment.

  1. Alters Your Sleep Patterns

Depression disrupts your sleep patterns. As such, the amount of sleep and what you get doesn’t match.

It’s confusing as you may feel sleepy or not sleepy at all. The simple variation will affect your day to day activities, work status, and give a negative impact on your health.

  1. Poor Concentration

Yes, depression will cost your focus and concentration on what you’re doing. This is quite debilitating!

The loss of concentration and focus is common where you’re suffering from chronic depression.

  1. Abnormal Appetite

When you’re suffering from depression, you may eat less or eat more. Each option hurts your health.

If you’re depressed, you may eat more, increase weight and become obese. This will have a huge impact on your health; remember, obesity is the leading cause of chronic diseases. Obesity may make you inferior causing you to avoid social gatherings.

 On the other hand, if you eat less, you’ll lose weight. The insufficient supply of nutrients may worsen your health.

  1. Exhaustion

Depression makes you feel tired and fatigued. However, many people believe they’re tired due to physical workouts.

Being lethargic and fatigued can make your daily tasks complicated. Again you may mistake this fatigue to be the cause of less sleep, but that’s only a side effect to depression.

  1. Addictions

People suffering from severe depression are likely to start on drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs will affect your entire body systems. It’ll make you suffer even more.

If the situation persists, you may wish harm on yourself. But don’t let it get to this point. Seek medical treatment in advance.

  1. Idiopathic Health Issues

Depression can cause severe backaches or headaches. If this happens, rule out any causes of ache and seek appropriate medical action. With this, you’ll be able to carry your daily routine in a quality way.

  1. Loss of Interest

Depression makes you lose interest in things that matter to you. Such include your favorite games and hobbies.

You may also start avoiding your friends and colleagues. If you notice this, it’s time to seek medical intervention.


Depression can hit anyone at any stage or level in life. However, most cases are self-revolving. But if the situation doesn’t self-resolve, then it can affect your health in some ways.

So, don’t let depression kill you. Seek treatment on time. It’ll help reduce its ill effects on your health.