The Many Benefits of Having Dental Treatment in Thailand

If you live in Europe or the US, you might think it is a little strange to fly half way around the world to have dental treatment, yet if the treatment is major, the hugs savings that can be enjoyed really do make it a worthwhile trip. If, for example, you are looking to have dental implant treatment, this is very expensive in the UK or US, and while prices in Bangkok are much lower, you are still receiving the very best treatment from world class dentists that have state of the art digital equipment.

The Best Dentists Work in Bangkok

Just as Istanbul is the place to go for the best hair transplant, Bangkok has a reputation for hosting the best dental clinics, and one of these can be found at, who happen to be one of the best dental clinics in the city, who have a global reputation for first class treatment.

Low Cost Treatment That is World Class

As you can imagine, Thailand is a premier tourist destination, and by booking your dental treatment with a top-quality dental clinic, you can also explore the wonders of this beautiful country while you are there. Even when you factor in the flights and accommodation, Thailand still is a very reasonable destination for major dental treatment.

Dental Implant Treatment

Whether you have lost a single tooth, or wish to have full mouth rehabilitation that involves s full set of upper and lower teeth, you really couldn’t find a better venue than Bangkok. Dental implants involve inserting titanium pegs into the jawbone, and these actually fuse with the bone, which makes for a very solid foundation.  A full set of teeth would require 4 pins on both the lower and upper teeth, and it usually takes 2-3 months before the titanium pins fuse with the jawbone.

Choosing an Amazing Holiday

While waiting for the titanium pins to fuse with the bone, why not spend some well-earned downtime relaxing on the beautiful Thai beaches? Failing that, you can explore the unspoilt jungles in the far north, which is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. There is so much to see and do in Thailand, and when you see the dentist the second time, your prosthetic teeth will be ready for fitting.

Planning your Trip

The best way to locate a good world class dental clinic is to carry out an online search, which will bring up a list of leading dental clinics, and by choosing one that has many positive patient testimonials, you can be sure of first-class treatment. The range of treatment covers everything, which includes the following;

  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Invisalign (Teeth straightening)
  • Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Booking a holiday with an establishes tour operator makes things very easy, and by booking accommodation near to the dental clinic is a convenient way to arrange your treatment.

Whatever the treatment you require, book with an established Bangkok dental clinic and you will have the very best treatment while also enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.

The best dentists are those that truly care about their patients. They will make sure that you are feeling comfortable and provide you with the best implants Winchester.