Storing Your Vape Juice Correctly & How To Tell If It Is off?

When you are using vaping to help you quit smoking, you must ensure that you have a suitable vaping device and e-liquid to make the experience more enjoyable. E-liquid is a vital aspect of vaping, and if this is not right, it can ruin your entire experience. You will need to take steps to ensure you take excellent care of it and use the best quality vape juice you can get. Below are some tips on storing your e-liquids to make them last and the warning signs that your e-liquid may be off, so you will want to avoid using it.

Does E-Liquids Expire?

Almost every consumable product has an expected shelf life, and e-liquids are not different. The e-juice you put in your vaping device is made from four primary ingredients, which are as follows:

Propylene Glycol (PG): PG is a substance often used in the food industry, and it can help make a smooth vape juice that is full of flavour. When you are looking to cloud chase with the e-liquid you are using, you will want to ensure that the e-liquid you use has a lower concentration of PG.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG): The other primary ingredient in e-liquids is VG, another substance commonly found in many foods to help enhance flavours. It also helps to create plumes of vape smoke when vaping.

Liquid Nicotine: You do not have to have liquid nicotine in your e-liquid, but if you are using vaping to help you quit smoking, it is commonly found in varying nicotine strengths in e-liquids.

Flavourings: The final ingredient for e-liquids is the flavourings, and there are many flavours of e-liquids you can choose to vape.

The shelf life of e-liquids can be as high as a year or two, depending on how it is stored and if the conditions are right. Storing your e-liquids correctly will help prolong their shelf life and help them retain their flavour, and they are simple to keep.

Storing Your E-liquids Correctly

Three things can help your e-liquid go off, so you will want to avoid these if possible. The first is heat, and when the e-liquid gets too hot, it can separate into various liquids and will not taste good when vaping it. The second is direct sunlight, as the suns UV rays can start breaking down the e-liquid and making it separate the same as heat does. Another enemy of vape juice is air, so once you open a bottle of e-liquid, you will want to use it until it is finished. When your e-liquid has had too much exposure to air, it can affect its taste and make it unpleasant when vaping it.

Warning Signs Your Vape Juice Is Off

When storing your e-liquid when not using it, you will want to keep it somewhere that is cool and dark. There are signs that your e-liquid may be going off, which you will need to know what to look for, and these are it smells terrible, it does not taste good when vaping it, and the liquid has separated. If the vape juice does this, it is safe to use but is not pleasant to vape, so throw it away and get yourself a new one.