Short Note about Gum Contouring and Reshaping

In simple terms, gum contouring can be stated as a technique used to change the shape of your gums. It is mostly done by skilled dentist if your gum is present quite low or extremely high in front of your teeth. The procedures are used to cut the excessive gum tissues or provide gum where it is needed to hide teeth.

Gum contouring is commonly known as reshaping of gums or tissue sculpting which is even done by cosmetic surgeons. This kind of reshaping in the interior of mouth helps in enhancing the appealing look of your smile. Before you think of reshaping your gums by renowned dentist, you need to know the causes of unshaped gums and the procedures used to make it look picture perfect.

Why you experience uneven gums?

There are ample reasons for unshaped gums like genetics, due to particular disease or because intake of certain prescribed drugs. Sometimes gum tissue pull back exposing the base of the teeth, this dental issue is termed as gum recession. Exposing of teeth roots may result in experiencing dental issues. It can even lead to tooth decay and ultimately tooth loss.

While general dental checkup your dentist may visualize over growth of surrounding gum of teeth or it has gone down. The gum’s unshaped growth may lead to varied dental problems and even spoil your beauty smile, so you can decide to have contouring of gum. Multiple treatment options are discussed like flap surgery, tissue grafts, gingival colored composite buildup and tissue stimulation. If gum tissue needs to be even for solving problem of gummy smile, then laser treatment is quite beneficial.

The remedy to reshape the gums:

Dental contouring is recommended when most of gum tissue is seen while you smile or it is absent at the base of the teeth. Mostly the gum sculpting is done by experienced Periodontists and cosmetic dentists. Before the reshape of gums procedure starts your dentist will view the through scan of your gum to decide the procedure of the surgery.

As some patients will require tissue grafts to increase the height of the gums whereas some will require the excessive growth of gums to be cut. The dentist will decide which part of gum need restoring and which part needs to be trimmed. While the minor surgery happens, the patient is given anesthesia in the gum area, thus there is no pain when the surgery is on.

The two in one laser device will do the trick of reshaping the gums as desired.  It will cut, restore as well as seal the part of gums. There won’t be any stitches or gauze hence there won’t be any bleeding. The recovery time is different for every patient as it depends solely upon the complication of the procedure done to even the gum area near the teeth. You can resume your work next day itself. Your dentist will ask you to come for few weeks to the clinic for follow up.

To know more about the process involved in gum reshaping after braces to improve your teeth structure log on to websites of experienced dentists.