Reviewing Capillus Hair Growth Cap: Does It Work?

Hair loss can impact men and women alike. Thanks to modern medicine and better technologies, it is not tough to treat and minimize hair thinning and loss. If you check for treatments, you will find what is known as a laser cap. Laser caps, also known as laser helmeted, deliver fixed wavelength laser to the skin cells, promoting hair growth naturally. One such product is Capillus laser cap. There are two variants of the product – Capillus 202 and Capillus 82. Here’s a quick review of both.

What’s Capillus laser cap?

Capillus 202 and Capillus 82 are laser caps that have been clinically tested and approved by FDA. Both use the Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which means these have laser diodes, which delivers laser at wavelength of 650nm. The hair follicles absorb the light, and this helps in stimulating the skin cell metabolism, which helps in hair growth. The red laser doesn’t cause any burning sensation or discomfort whatsoever. If you check Capillus reviews, you will good reviews of both variants, which says a lot about the brand.

  • Knowing Capillus 82 better. Capillus 82 is known for being one of the most portable devices in the category. It’s designed to resemble and look like a helmet, so you can actually take it everywhere. It is also the more affordable one as far as pricing is concerned. Experts recommend using Capillus 82 on a regular basis to stimulate hair growth.
  • Knowing Capillus 202 better. This is just a better, bigger and advanced version of Capillus 82. The package includes the Capillus branded sports cap, which can be used to coverup the product. Users have claimed that it can reverse hair loss and is great for people who have thinning hair. For every use, it should be used for 6 minutes and is known to be effective against hair loss caused by genetics.

Final word

Before you go ahead and buy any hair cap, do your homework. It will take time before you see a considerable difference in hair growth, so be patient. In case of Capillus hair growth cap, it is advisable that the product is used at least four times a week for the best results, and the same should be continued for a few months. Hair loss rate vary in individuals, and the same is true for hair growth. Being approved by FDA, Capillus hair growth caps are safe for use and have no major side effects.