How Invisalign Aligners Work

Invisalign is a teeth straightening method that looks almost invisible when worn. They are an aesthetic and functional option which uses incremental transparent aligners for straightening and realigning teeth without the obvious appearance of metal braces.

Invisalign does not include metal and is custom made for a patient’s teeth. It works in a series of trays which shift to the teeth into place in a gradual manner. Typically, the teeth move up to 0.25 mm per tray. The patient gets a new set every couple of weeks. Those who worry about the cost associated with Invisalign should take advantage of Invisalign specials in Tribeca.

The Treatment Process

Before you get Invisalign aligners, the dentist will evaluate your condition to see if the treatment suits you. After consultation, the dentist will do a digital scan to make a customized treatment plan for you using 3-D images of the teeth in order to map out movements over the course of the treatment. The dentist will use these images to make custom-made aligners. These aligners are smooth, BP-free plastic that does not irritate the gums and mouth. Through the use of patented thermoplastic design, the aligners will straighten teeth. Aside from controlling the force used for straightening the teeth, Invisalign controls the timing of the force application.

Treatment Timeline

The treatment time for an average adult case is about one year. But, this varies based on the severity of every case.  For all patients, dentists will work closely with the patient to establish an individual treatment plan customized for their unique needs.

Additionally, an Invisalign provider may make use of attachments to further perfect the smile. Sometimes, they may place tooth-colored composite bumps on the teeth to help the aligners grip the teeth better, leading to the desired teeth movement.

Benefits of Invisalign

Patients prefer to get Invisalign for the following benefits:

  • It fixes various dental issues. Overbites, underbites, gapped teeth, and crowded teeth are some of the issues that Invisalign can correct. These issues are unsightly and can affect dental health so they have to be corrected immediately.
  • It lets you go about your daily routine. Invisalign aligners can be taken out in the morning and evening for cleaning. They only have to be brushed like natural teeth. Also, they can be removed during mealtimes so the wearer can enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about damaging the aligners and food particles stuck in brackets or wires. Also, Invisalign is perfect for people who play sports, particularly those that require mouthguards. The aligners can be removed when playing a game.