Common Myths about CBD Debunked

 Cannabidiol, infamously known as CBD, has its fair share of stigmas that mostly surrounds it in the form of a cannabis plant; but the misconceptions are understandable because of the controversial plant it comes from. However, there is so much more than what meets the eye, when it comes to CBD’s health benefits.

What is CBD?

Before we go into the various misconceptions, you will need to know what CBD is. CBD is one of the main compounds in the cannabis plant. It is recognized for the benefits it has had on people’s lives, and by doing so, it has opened the door to the acceptance of the cannabis industry.

CBD as a compound can be extracted from the seed, flowers, and the stalk of the cannabis plant.  Marijuana and Hemp are both varieties of cannabis; they contain Cannabinoid and other compounds, namely Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, it’s important to note that CBD is more abundant in Marijuana than Hemp.

Being Commercial:

After obtaining the substance, manufacturers convert it into various products like capsules and liquids. These products can be sold through multiple retailers and health stores. Companies that are part of the CBD industry also manufacture CBD and THC oils for their consumers to avail the maximum benefits from the compounds.

By producing oils, like blue CBD oil that has high quality and pure CBD extracts, companies are beginning to bust common myths, one misconception at a time.

Below we have busted the top myths that come from using CBD, we have also mentioned the health benefits that are inevitably overshadowed by the misconceptions.

MYTH #1- Hemp-derived CBD is Not Nearly as Efficient as Other Forms of Cannabis:

Even though CBD can be extracted from various types of cannabis plants, the substance is still potent if derived from Marijuana or Hemp. Once your body ingests CBD, the receptors can’t tell the difference of the origins of the compound. It will still perform the same role as CBDs from other cannabis plants, which aren’t Marijuana or Hemp.

MYTH #2- CBD Oil Can be Used as Medicine:

CBD is mostly used for reducing physical pain, nausea, and anxiety; it’s also used to combat cancer cells within the body. With all these benefits in order, CBD oils are still not technically considered as a medicine. Even though CBD oil has medicinal benefits, it’s not officially a medicine.

MYTH #3- CBD Hemp Oil is Dangerous for Children:

People tend to believe that any CBD hemp oil is only suitable for adults, but that is a myth. Studies have shown that children can also benefit from using hemp oil without risking their safety, this is because it triggers no side effects.

MYTH #4-THC Is Terrible, CBD is Good!

There has been a consistent misconception that THC is the bad compound and CBD is the great substance. THC is considered excellent for cancer patients as it reduces any signs of nausea or physical pain. Analysis has also shown that THC can eliminate some types of cancer cells, besides stimulating appetite and decreasing nausea. THC and CBD can go hand in hand when stacked together.

MYTH #5- Creating Synthetic CBD Can Be Possible:

This is one of the most prevalent myths, the misconception that there is a possibility of a synthetic version of CBD. It can be challenging to replicate the compounds of cannabis, as they have a synergy between them that is termed as an “entourage effect.” This means that the compounds of the cannabis plant work well when they are together, that is, as a whole. THC and CBD, and other compounds that are present in the cannabis plant work well together to provide optimum benefits.


It can be challenging to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the various effects of CBD based products. Especially, when you’re dealing with something as controversial as Marijuana or Hemp. Hopefully, the myths mentioned above will help clear any misunderstandings about CBD that you have had until now.