Can Herbal Chews Help In Quitting Chewing Tobacco? Find Here! Herbal Chew Reviews

Health risks related to use of tobacco have been highlighted in various studies and reports over the years. Yes, the sale of tobacco products is still on the rise, and this includes smokeless products, such as chewing tobacco. While chewing tobacco hasn’t been linked to lung cancer, it still poses the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer to name a few. People addicted to chewing tobacco have been looking for alternatives, and in this post, we consider herbal chews that are counted as the best way to wean off of nicotine and chewing tobacco.

What are herbal chews?

Just in case you didn’t know, herbal chews are designed as alternatives to chewing tobacco, much like electronic cigarettes that help people to quit smoking. With that said, all herbal chews are not the same, so you should be doing some research before picking one of the options. Typically, herbal chew boxes contain a lesser amount of nicotine than your standard chewing tobacco cans. Let’s say that the herbal chew contains 200mg of nicotine per can. A standard box of chewing tobacco contains about 250mg of nicotine, so in a way, you are already reducing your dose per day.

How can these products help?

If you check herbal chew reviews online, you will find that these are designed to help people to wean off of nicotine in a gradual way. Basically, when you have been using an herbal chew that contains 200mg of nicotine, you can eventually move to a product that contains much lesser amount of nicotine, before finally opting for a chew that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all. Quitting chewing tobacco is hard because most users want to have the feeling of having something in their mouth, and with chews, you just replace the tobacco with a product that contains lesser nicotine.

What else to consider?

You need to check the strength of nicotine in the product in the first place. Also, it is important to check how often and frequently you use the chew, because addiction to nicotine in any form should be avoided. Thirdly, consider if you have flavors of herbal chews, as alternating flavors may help in preventing addiction.

As with any product that contains nicotine, you have to check with your doctor to be sure that it’s the right step towards quitting tobacco – There’s no alternative to that.