All There Is to Know About Marijuana Products

According to the current trend, marijuana has gained an incredible importance for various reasons. There are many forms to try out like the cannabis edibles, wax, oils, concentrate etc. In this article, we will look into all the marijuana products that are available and some details about each.

Before you can decide on whether to go for it or not, or to decide on which product and in which form you should try this, know some facts about each of them and how they work. This will help you in making a better decision.

Edible form – There are plenty of edible forms ranging from the deserts, snacks, drinks, cooking oils, tinctures etc.

Concentrates – Any cannabis product is prepared by an extraction process using solvents. The concentrates, based on their consistencies, are further classified as

  • Oil – one of the most common products, a powerful concentrated form consumed by dabbling or by vaporizing. It is also extracted using the butane method but the consistency of the product is similar to other oils.
  • Amber glass – Or the shatter, as per the name, is obtained by butane extraction, but the plant matter is carefully purged out using vacuum. The texture of this product is malleable and it is often clear with a yellow or orange hue.
  • Budder – This yellow crumbly product is obtained by whipping the wax during butane extraction to obtain a more stable consistency.
  • Wax – This is also one of the products obtained by the butane extraction method but this is produced if the butter or shatter methods fail.
  • Bubble/ ice wax/ full melt – It is the safest and cleanest product as it is prepared by washing off the trichomes with ice cold water instead of using chemicals. The product has a stable grainy texture.
  • Dust – A very potent form made with dry ice which melts in dry conditions. It has a consistency like dust.
  • Scissors/ finger concentrates – Wet plants are trimmed and a sticky gummy substance comes out that often gets stuck to the workers’ fingers and scissors. This is rubbed off to prepare the sticky gummy concentrate.

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