5 Common Hair Problems and How to Treat Them

Your hair is an integral part of your body and anything that follows its own growth cycle will experience some problems from time to time.

Knowing how to identify the most common hair problems will ensure that you can enjoy a fuller head of hair for as many years as possible.

Treating 5 of the Most Common Hair Problems

Hair Loss

Hair loss is very common, particularly male and female pattern baldness. In fact, over half of all men will experience hair loss by the time they turn 50. Unfortunately, genetic hair loss can’t be stopped but there are ways to slow it down. Pattern hair loss is caused by the DHT hormone, which binds to the hair and hampers its growth. Scheduling a consultation at one of the best Australian hair transplant clinics is the only real way to address this kind of hair loss.

Weak Hair

When your hair is improperly cared for, its strength will eventually deteriorate and the texture will change too. Your lifestyle choices, as well as your hair care habits, can have a direct effect on the health of your hair, including its strength. Washing your hair too often and not protecting it when you use heat styling tools are two examples of habits that will eventually weaken your hair.

Hair Thinning

Hair thinning is actually one of the first signs that you may be losing your hair. To determine whether your hair loss is in the normal range, pay attention to how much hair is falling out in the shower or after you wake up in the morning. The average person will lose anything from 50 to 100 hairs every single day, more than that and you may have a bigger problem. Hormonal imbalances, poor diet and nutrition, stress and medication can all affect the health of your hair. The only way to determine why your hair might be thinning and what you can do about it is to consult with a hair loss specialist.


Dandruff is a common scalp condition that causes skin cells to shed at a much faster rate, something that can be highly embarrassing and frustrating. There are a number of reasons why people develop dandruff, including poor skin care and fungal infections. While dandruff is not a threat to your health, it can place additional strain on your hair follicles and it should rather be treated by a health professional.

Hair Follicle Irritation

Your follicles are what support your hair but they too can get damaged. When they’re not cared for correctly, your hair follicles can become infected, which turns into a condition called folliculitis. When left untreated, folliculitis can lead to permanent hair loss, scarring on the scalp and additional infections. To determine if your hair follicles are inflamed, look out for red and bumpy skin. If your scalp looks irritated, schedule a consultation with a hair care specialist as soon as you can.