3 Signs Your Sex Life Is Failing and You Are Frustrated

One of the biggest questions people ask when they are newly married is how to maintain a happy sex life in a relationship where one or both partners have had an experience that leaves them both feeling dissatisfied with their sex lives. While there is no one way to keep a happy marriage, it can be easier to create a more satisfying intimate relationship if you take the time to understand your partner’s needs and desires. It’s important that you work on creating a loving, emotionally strong marriage where each partner feels sexually fulfilled and understands that his or her partner’s satisfaction is important to him or her. There are many areas that can be improved in your sex life and some things to avoid in order to ensure that you and your spouse stay together for a lifetime. By avoiding the following in order to keep your relationship healthy and happy, you will find that your lovemaking is more fulfilling and enjoyable than ever before.

The first area that couples tend to overlook is scheduling sex. When couples overbook their intimate time, they become dependent on one another and less willing to allow a little free time for themselves. A long-term relationship can become a two-way street where one partner feels that they must please the other, and this can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction in the relationship. Avoiding the need to have intercourse on a regular basis is one way to maintain a happy marriage, because you will be giving your partner the freedom to enjoy his or her own romantic moments without having to deal with having to wait on your partner. Anxiety may be a root cause of some sexual dysfunctions like ED, where a medical specialist such as may be able to provide a helpful diagnosis to improve your sex life.

Another problem that can develop in long term relationships is lack of communication. When couples fall into the rut of always wanting to talk about themselves in terms of their sexual encounters, there is little room left for meaningful conversation. Even if a couple has sex once every two weeks or once every eight years, the amount of time that is spent discussing personal issues such as their sex life can be quickly snuffed out by the simple act of talking. Too many times, couples focus so much on discussing their lovemaking that they completely neglect the other person in their lives. Taking the time to communicate with your partner will help to alleviate this stress, and will also improve the health of your relationship.

Sex In Relationships: Age Is A Fundamental Fact Of Life For Asexual Individuals One of the biggest problems with long term, committed relationships is the age gap between partners. Far too often, the idea of a sexual relationship at a much younger age than the proposed age tends to put off the couple; however, there are many advantages to being in a committed relationship at a younger age. The most common is the emotional closeness that develops between people when they are younger, and this can be easily sustained throughout adulthood.

Intimacy While it may be easy to think that intimacy is simply physical contact, there are a variety of ways to explore romance without ever having to touch one another through intercourse. Some asexual individuals prefer fantasies or sexual fantasies, and this allows for lovemaking to take place within the safe confines of your own home. This type of intimacy is often very rewarding and can lead to an individual’s feelings of deep satisfaction, regardless of whether or not they are engaged in a physical relationship. There is no shame in enjoying the intimate feelings of another, and there is no reason why you should feel guilty about enjoying your partner’s physical side as well.

Sex In Relationships: Sex In The Relationship If you are beginning to feel as though you may lose your sense of self and/or your ability to fully take care of yourself, then it may be time to take a step back from the relationship. You might need to take stock in how you feel about your sexuality and where your relationship is headed. If you feel like you are getting no pleasure from your sexual relationship, you may want to make some changes in how you are interacting with your partner. A little bit of reflection can go a long way, and you may find that you and your partner are truly better off apart. However, if you feel like your relationship has truly grown and you have truly started to trust one another, then you may want to consider having a physical relationship again, in order to feel like your best is really at stake.